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Nov 21, 2003 - This will be a day-by day index of all entries for this web site, similar to how Dan Checkoway has his web site set up.  I think it'll make this site more useful for someone looking for information in a specific area, as opposed to just following the sequential steps taken as I flit from one area to the next. 

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October, 2008 - my web hits software tells me almost no one ever uses the index, so I've quit bothering to keep it updated, as keeping it up to date pretty much doubles my documentation workload.  Most all my current work is on the engine, so go check out the engine index to see what I'm doing



November, 2002 - build tail at Alexander Technical Center, Griffin, GA


Feb 11, 2003 - receive Quick Build kit, unpack, inventory

Feb 12 - dismantle crates, make fixtures to hold wings

Feb 13 - more crate dismantling, wing stand building, fuselage stand building, and taking inventory

Feb 14 - put small parts into trays

Feb 15 - finish taking inventory, start making aileron bellcrank rods

Feb  16 - make aileron control rods

Feb 20 - make & install LT aileron bellcrank bushing

Feb 24 - make & install  RT aileron bellcrank bushing.  Fabricate & prime spacers for W716 rods

Feb 25 - install aileron control rods to bellcranks

Feb 26 - install pitot tube

Feb 27 - make Aileron Hinge Bracket Assemblies

Feb 28 - make aileron mount bracket bushings, hung/adjusted ailerons, make wing template, start LT flap

Mar 1 - LT flap install

Mar 2 - RT flap install

Mar 3 - RT flap install, landing lights layout, cut opening in LT wing leading edge.  EAA Technical Counselor Inspection #1

Mar 4 - landing lights layout, reflector mounts assembly

Mar 5 - modify landing light reflector mounts to accept 100w round light kit

Mar 11 - modify landing light reflector mounts to accept 100w round light kit

Mar 12 - polish reflector mounts & cut opening in RT wing leading edge

Mar 13 - rivet nutplates to landing light reflector mounts

Mar 14 - rivet nutplates to landing light reflector mounts, paint reflector mount pieces, work on aileron gap fairings

Mar 15 - rivet aileron gap fairings

Mar 20 - work on LT seat back

Mar 21 - make seat backs

Mar 22 - prime seat backs

Mar 23 - rivet seat backs

Mar 31 - Install seat back braces, install seats into fuselage, rivet baggage floor in place.  Work on tunnel cover

Apr 1 - complete tunnel cover

Apr 2 - work on F982/982 Forward Covers and F982C Center Cabin Cover

Apr 3 - begin electric flaps assy, fabricate F766 & 767

Apr 4 - more electric flap actuator work, make F760 Flap Actuator Covers

Apr 5 - more F766 and 767 work

Apr 6 - fabricate F759A flap rods, work on F748 tunnel cover, start on rudder and brake pedals

Apr 7 - more brake & rudder pedal work, remake F767

Apr 8 - rivet brake pedals together

Apr 9 - mount brake pedals to rudder pedals, rivet rudder pedal brace, start building elevator bellcrank

Apr 10 - Prime elevaor bellcrank, F748 tunnel cover, & aileron control rods.  Assemble, rivet, & install bellcrank.  Build F789 forward elevator control rod.  Build F665 control column pushrod.  Install control sticks. 

Apr 11 - install F665 control column pushrod, lay out F7110 control stick boot rings.

Apr 12 - Lay out & fabricate F7110 control stick boot rings.  Prep, countersink & prime F6122 brake bracket

Apr 13 - rivet brake bracket to firewall, install AN fittings on brake & fuel parts, mount fuel control valve

Apr 14 - brake lines layout & lay out template for Gear Mounts.  Cut and trim gear mount holes.

Apr 15 - install RT gear mount

Apr 16 - build F790 rear elevator pushrod, work on fwd elevator pushrod

Apr 17 - install LT gear mount

Apr 18 - install aluminum tubing brake lines to gear legs

May 4 - install baggage tiedowns & baggage compartment side & rear rivets and nutplates

May 19 - finish riveting nutplates for rear baggage panel 

May 25 - install nutplates for brake reservoir mounting to firewall

May 26 - mount brake reservoir to fwd side of firewall, connect brake cylinder feed lines to reservoir, install LT & RT brake pressure lines.

Jun 4 - fuel line layout, drill out holes for fuel & vent lines

June 9 - Resume fuel vent line layout.  Install fuel line grommets and snap bushings.  Fabricate fuel vents from AN bulkhead fittings

June 10 - Put screens on fuel vents & install them.  Put AN fittings onto fuel selector valve.  Install rudder cable snap bushings.  Start installing RT fuel vent line

June 11 - finish RT fuel vent line, install LT fuel vent line

June 12 - install fuel supply lines

June 13 - work on fuselage center uprights and sub panel assy

June 14 - study inboard & outboard sub panel layout, trim F643, add F643 & F644 to sub panel layout

June 27 - lay out for new FI fuel pump

June 28 - More fuel pump layout.  Modify finished F782C center cabin cover and F983C fuel valve cover to accommodate FI fuel pump.  Assemble F7115 fuel pump cover.  Cleco & drill F7115 fuel pump cover assy.  Cleco nutplates onto various pieces making up the 7115 assy.

June 29 - prime F7115 pieces, rivet nutplates on

July 3 - rivet fuel pump cover

July 6 - gather completed empennage pieces

July 11 - Install Heim joints onto elevators.  Make elevator temporary mounting pins.  Mount elevators onto Horizontal Stabilizer.  Make spacer for drilling elevator horns

July 11 - receive, unload, unpack Finish Kit

July 12 - Readjust elevator Heim joints.  Drill elevator horns for pushrod.  Fit Horizontal Stabilizer to fuselage.  Drill HS-714 forward spar holes to fuselage.

July 12 - inventory Finish Kit

July 13 - inventory & store Finish Kit parts

July 13 - mount Horizontal stabilizer, bolt H-stab fwd spar to fuselage, set H-stab incidence.

July 14 - work on H-stab incidence & squareness, fitting V-stab, fabricated F712D Up Elevator Stop

July 18 - build F721D Up Elevator Stop

July 19 - Rivet F721D to fuselage rear deck.  Fabricate & prime F712E rear tiedown.  Cleco & drill F781 Attach Plate to H-stab fwd spar.  Remount V-stab and set 1/4" LT offset.  Clamp V-stab in place.  Cleco and drill F781 Attach Plate to V-stab.

July 20 - prime F781 Attach Plate, mount V-stab, hang elevators, mark & drill elevator horns for hinge bearing.

July 25 - weld & grind elevator horn holes

Aug 5 - redrill LT elevator bearing hole.  Work on electric trim servo and access cover.

Aug 6 - redrill RT elevator bearing hole, trim elevator counterweights

Aug 9 - add lead to LT elevator counterweight, fabricate & fit LT F792 Rudder Stop

Aug 10 - fabricate & fit RT F792 Rudder Stop

Aug 12 - rivet rudder stops into place

Aug 12 - work on rivets for F712A&B aft bulkhead

Aug 12 -receive & inventory Angle of Attack system

Aug 13 - install rudder stop Cherrymax rivets, grind elevator stops & set elevator travel

Aug 13 - fighting with rivets for F712A&B aft bulkhead

Aug 21 - rivet rudder stops, mostly small cleanup jobs

Aug 22 - replace AN3-12A landing gear weldment bolts with AN3-13A, work on Aileron Trim Kit

Aug 23 - fabricate & install Aileron Trim Kit

Aug 24 - buck rivets for aft fuselage bulkhead, work on RT crotch strap kit

Aug 25 - RT crotch strap kit

Aug 26 - LT crotch strap kit

Aug 27 - install crotch strap kits

Aug 5, 12, 18, 25, 26, 27, 29 - avionics planning

Sep 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 17, 19, 22, 23 - avionics planning

Aug 15, 27, 28, Sep 1 - interior planning

Sep 1 - finish riveting aft fuse bulkhead, custom baggage compartment layout

Sep 5 - receive flap control kit and new 1.5" tubing to build F790 aft elevator pushrod

Sep 6 - custom baggage compartment layout & fabrication; build, finish, prime F790 aft elevator pushrod

Sep 7 - assemble, install, adjust F790 aft elevator pushrod

Sep 12 - remove rudder cable again, lay out custom baggage area rudder cable protection tube & side wall

Sep 13 - RV seminars at Fulton, NY

Sep 17 - look over rivet callout I missed on aileron hinge brackets

Sep 19 - layout, drill, cleco custom baggage area inboard skin

Sep 19 - put 4 BSPQ-5-4 5/32" pop rivets into H-stab

Sep 20 - custom baggage compartment work

Sep 21 - custom baggage compartment work

Sep 22 - custom baggage compartment work

Sep 22 - researching Trutrak vs BMA autopilot servos

Sep 23 - cleanup, improve compressed air regulation

Sep 23 - researching Trutrak vs BMA autopilot servos

Sep 23 - make aluminum spacers for F790 aft elevator pushrod to elevator horn bolts

Sep 26 - order plumbing parts

Sep 27 - practice riveting with Karla

Sep 28 - work on landing light lenses

Oct 10 - received my dual brake kit last week, so I started working on that

Oct 11 - countersink, prime, cleco RT brake parts

Oct 12 - rivet & mount RT brake pedal parts, reinstall brake/rudder pedal assembly, install brake line tubing & hoses

Nov 5 - fit landing light lenses to wing

Nov 6 - clean up shop & drill landing light lenses

Nov 6 - install brake feed lines with new dual brake system, mount new Andair 6-way fuel valve to mount plate

Nov 7 - remove brake fluid feed lines & redo them a bit longer, install fuel valve, work on hooking up existing 3/8" pressure lines

Nov 8 - work on fuel lines to shutoff valve

Nov 10 - EAA Technical Counselor Inspection #2 by Frank Stites

Nov 11, 17, 18 - decide on seats, order seats

Nov 12 - work on fuel lines to shutoff valve, remove brake lines & LT fuel feed line

Nov 13 - make 2 failed attempts to install LT fuel line

Nov 13 - fit landing light lenses to wing

Nov 14 - install landing lights & wire them up

Nov 15 - landing light wiring

Nov 16 - wiring labels

Nov 16 - install return line bulkhead fittings into fuselage & tank, make internal tank fuel return lines, order more plumbing parts

Nov 17 - order more plumbing & electrical parts

Nov 17 - order seats and upholstery fabric

Nov 17 - started wiring landing lights.  Ordered AeroElectric book & wiring supplies 

Nov 18 - Install LT fuel supply line; 5/16" return lines won't go in.  Tore out ALL plumbing, reconfigured brackets & snap bushings

Nov 18 - looking into ordering an oxygen system and seat belts

Nov 21 - receive & put away Van's #6 Lighting System Kit

Nov 24 - order ELT from SteinAir

Nov 26 - order seat belts from Mark at Team Rocket

Nov 26 - install LT & RT fuel return lines

Nov 27 - work on fuel shutoff valve to firewall plumbing

Nov 28 - continue installing fuel supply & return lines between fuel shutoff valve & firewall

Nov 29 - install fuel supply line between shutoff valve & firewall

Nov 30 - install fuel return line from shutoff valve to firewall, start LT brake line

Nov 30 - receive, sort, put away B&C electrical order

Dec 1 - install brake lines, fix interference problems between F601K-1 firewall recess and plumbing and rudder pedal brace

Dec 2 - start fabricating F796B, C, D; LT and RT tank attach bracket hardware

Dec 2 - throttle quadrant modifications planning

Dec 3 - fabricate, drill, fit, & prime F796 parts for LT side

Dec 3 - throttle quadrant modifications planning

Dec 3 - put Infinity grips on, just to see how they look and fit

Dec 4 - install LT F796 parts, work on F824B aft fuselage cover plates & F982A brake fuel line covers

Dec 7 - fit & primer prep F982A - L&R fuel/brake line covers.  Trim, bevel edge & primer prep F688 gusset plate.  Primer prep F796A-R tank attach bracket & F824B aft fuselage covers.  Fabricate bracket for custom baggage rudder cable cover.

Dec 9 - receive & put away new Duckworks HID landing light upgrade

Dec 9 - receive & put away Oregon Aero seat cores and ACS aluminum pieces and various parts

Dec 12 - receive ELT from SteinAir

Dec 13 - lay out F688 gusset plate & match-drill to F774 skin, fit rudder cable tubing clamp bracket, prime parts, rivet rudder cable clamp bracket, reinstall rudder cable

Dec 14 - put Oregon Aero seat cores into place & tested the fit, box them up & ship back for upholstery

Dec 14 - pack up engine pre-oiler to return to Infinity

Dec 14, 2003 - modify seat back angles, prime covers & parts, install LT F796B, C, D tank bracket parts

Dec 17 - off to do a gig in Jamaica for the rest of the winter


Feb, 2004 - made several significant changes to my Eggenfellner Subaru engine order

Feb - receive completed Oregon Aero seat cushions

Apr 12 - finally back to working on plane after spending the winter doing a job in Jamaica.  Start mounting HID landing light.

Apr 15 - work on wiring to both landing lights

Apr 16 - finish securing HID light wiring harness

Apr 16 - prime custom rudder cable tubing, remake & fit custom lower baggage area panel in .016 aluminum, rivet baggage frame

Apr 17 - finish rivet custom baggage frame, remove wrong panel & prime correct new one.

Apr 18 - reinstall correct custom baggage compartment lower panel, install RT fuel tank attach bracket, install rudder cable tube

Apr 19 - fit LT rudder cable fairing, remove pilot side brake pedals to change brake cylinder mount point, start welding up existing cylinder mount holes on brake pedals

Apr 19 - receive Hooker Harness seat belts from Team Rocket

Apr 27 - weld brake pedal cylinder holes & ground them flat, pop rivet rudder cable fairings

Apr 28 - drill new holes in pilot's brake pedals, prime & reinstall them

Apr 28 - install & torque wing tank fasteners

Apr 29 - remove flap motor, drill for safety wire, safety-wire flap motor shaft, & reinstall flap motor.  Fabricate custom baggage compartment fwd panel (F751), finish custom F751 & prime it.  Cleco instrument panel & sub-panel.  Start on F631 cabin frame.  Fabricate F631E plates, F631C angles, F631D angles, F732B & D angles, and F732E & F732C. 

Apr 30 - fabricate F632A channel, F631B and F631B-L, cut access hole on aft F631As, drill out pop rivets holding F721B, F705F, & F718

May 1 - make cuts in F721B & hole in F757T, measure fuse width  42 1/8", lay out & drill aft F631As & F631E plate

May 2 - lay out rivet holes on F631As & drill to 3/32", radius edges of F631B, drill & deburr holes in fwd & aft F631As

May 3 - radius upper F631B-L outer strap, clamp, drill, cleco F631B-L, clean edges of fwd F631A pieces, trim ends, clamp, drill, & cleco LT side fwd F631A to F631Bs

May 4- clamp, drill, cleco RT side fwd F631A to 2 F631B straps

May 5 - trim ends of F631B straps, radius ends of F631, get F631C&D clamped to F631 assy, file aft lower and outboard edges of F631 assy to fit into radius of F631C angles.

May 6 - order BMA EFIS system

May 6 - start drilling all F631 1/8" holes.

May 9 - Remove clecoes for aft F631A channels, polish bottom ends of each aft F631A for better F631D fit, debur some holes, trim F631B, and reassemble F631.  Measure & adjust F631C fit, drill & cleco lower F631C holes.  Noted that F631 roll bar frame was 1/8" too narrow!     

May 10 - Call Van's about F631 roll bar width problem & get solution, set F631 frame angle.  Radius ends of F732B to fit inside the F632A, drill upper F631C hole.  Clamp, drill, cleco, countersunk F631D angle to F631C angle keeper rivet holes.  Prime overlapping portions of F631C and D angles. 

May 11 - Rivet F631C and D angles together, drill 1/4" bottom holes in combined C/D channels, mount F732B to F706 bulkhead, countersink rivet holes on top of F732B.  Drill & cleco F732D to F631A, match drill F732D to F631E.  Drill & cleco F632A to F732D and F732B.  Drill and cleco F732E & (aft) F732C angles to sides of F632A.  Dismantle & start deburring.

May 17 - debur cabin frame parts, countersink F631A holes, counterbore F732B for top skin rivets clearance.

May 18 - surface prep cabin frame parts

May 20 - Receive BMA autopilot servos, start layout for wing servo

May 21 - paint prep & prime cabin frame parts, countersink F631E holes, touch up primer on fwd F631As.  Rivet fwd F631As & fwd F631E together.  Rivet outer F631B-L strap to fwd F631As

May 22 - Rivet inner F631B & F631B-L straps to fwd F631As.  Rivet aft F631As together with aft F631E and 2 F732Es.  Cleco aft F631 assy to fwd F631 assy

May 23 - cleco aft F631 assembly to fwd F631 assy, pop rivet aft F631 to fwd F631

May 24 - plan rods & rod ends servos

May 24 - twist cabin frame legs straight, clamp & bolt F631C/D channels to fuselage, file taper into F631C/D channels,  countersink holes for #10 screws

May 25 - servo layout, parts planning & ordering

May 26 - continue cabin frame fitting & tweaking, enlarge access holes in aft F631As

May 27 - lay out & make bends for flanged servo plate to go between 2 ribs.

May 27 - cabin frame and elevator servo layout, drill out cabin frame RT side pop rivets, tweak frame so it lays flat.  Measure servo arm travel.  Locate & drill elevator servo rod end mount point on elevator bellcrank

May 28 - drill & thread rods for rod end bearings, start making servo rods

May 28 - sent $9000 engine deposit to Eggenfellner

May 29 - Lay out aileron servo rods, cut to length, drill & tap both ends, attach rod ends.  Add stiffening flange to bottom mount plate.  Measure & trim servo mount plates.  Drill out 11 spar rivets for servo mount plate.  Lay out & drill plate attachment rivets.  Drill & cleco plates to skin & ribs.  Debur plates.  Lay out lightening holes in plates.  Cut & debur lightening holes.  Countersunk skin dimple holes in bottom plate.  Lay out rivet holes on plate flanges, drill & cleco them.   Clean plates, prep for primer.

May 30 - dimple skin rivet holes for aileron servo, countersink plates for four #10 screws, wash & prime plates, lay out AOA ports, cleco servo plates, drive solid rivets through skin & 2 plates, rivet servo mount plate flanges,  mount aileron servo to, grind flats on 2  washers, move rod end down 2 holes on servo arm

June 2 - laying out plate for elevator servo, drill out rivets in fuselage bottom, drill & cleco plate into bottom rivet holes, trim plate

June 3 - Drill main lightening hole in elevator servo mount plate, make patterns for 2 reinforcing plates, & fabricate them.  Drill out lower bulkhead rivets to tie plates into bulkhead, countersink outer perimeter rivet holes in mount plate

June 4 - resolve difference between flat elevator servo mount plate and curved fuselage bottom skin, flute plate

June 4 - AOA mount holes & aileron servo mounting

June 5 - swap out aileron servo mount screws, make #4 dimples in upper and lower wing skins

June 6 - install & seal AOA probes, final install & torque aileron servo mount screws

June 6 - Reassemble cabin frame with the CherryMax CR3242-4-4 oversized shank rivets, fit new (straight) cabin frame, make new F632A channel, grind F631C/D assy inner upright arm, fit, drill, cleco new F632A channel & F732Cs

June 7 - drill & cleco F632A holes, remove, clean, polish, prime new F632A channel, rivet F732E brackets, cleco F774 top skin on

June 8 - Use new shot bag & forming hammer on elevator servo mount plate

June 10-12 = updating web site with last several weeks' work details

JUNE = Working on the plane most every day - just doing updates about once a month now, though; usually from the track or during other down time.  I was spending too much building time at home doing the updates.  Will update June's building while I am at NHIS the weekend of July 7-10

June 16 - fit elevator servo mount plate to bottom skin, drill & cleco plates

June 17 - drill & cleco servo mount plates

June 18 - drill lightening holes in elevator servo mount plates, drill & countersink servo mount holes, debur plates.  Clean, paint prep, prime plates

June 19 - dimple fuselage bottom skin for servo mount plate, cleco plates into place

June 20 - rivet autopilot elevator servo plates

June 21 - cleco & rivet custom baggage compartment panels

June 23 - drive 3/8" rivets for custom baggage compartment frame angle intersections, mount & torque elevator servo

June 24 - study where to put servo controller and custom fuselage access panels

June 25 - drill out temp pop rivets in aft fuse bulkhead, rework F631 C/D angles, reinstall & torque F631C/D brackets.  Fabricate F644 R&L, F768D R&L, F768C, F721C R&L, F703C R&L, F743B brackets, trim F697, F643-1

June 26 - trim & drill holes in F703C, F721C brackets

June 27 - cleco F703C L&R angles to F703 instrument panel, lay out F768C center seal support, flute F768C, clamp F768C in position, drill & cleco F768C to F768A

June 28 - drill rivet holes in F768D L&R outboard seal supports; cut bending slots in F768D L&R, bend F768D L&R, fabricate F703B, drill & cleco F768D L&R to F768B L&R.  Clamp, drill, cleco F703B to instrument panel

June 29 - Finish clamping, drilling, & clecoing F703B to instrument panel.  Dimple, clean, prime, rivet .  Clean, prime, rivet F644s, F768C, F768Ds, F768Bs, F743B.   Fabricate F721D L&R brackets

June 30 - Make new F721Ds.  Fabricate F793 L&R brackets, F697.  Drill & cleco F697, F643-1.  Clean, prep, prime F643-1, F697, F768 assy.  Rivet F643-1 and F697 to F768 assy.  Cleco F768 subpanel assemblies.  Cleco F771 fwd skin on & match drill to F643-1 and F644 rib flanges, firewall flange, F768 assy,  F743B to firewall.  Fit F721C & D angles (RT) & drill for nutplates

July 1 - received my Blue Mountain Avionics EFIS/One!!!  Started bench testing it.

July 3-7 = bench testing EFIS.  It seems very cool.  Magnetometer seems to have died.  Study EFIS manuals, BMA support site, plan mounting of components

July 5 - drill & cleco F721 C & D for LT side, and drill for nutplates

July 7 - finish drilling F721Ds, prep and prime F721Cs & Ds, rivet nutplates onto F721Cs & Ds, rivet F721Cs & Ds to F721As

July 7 - BMA EFIS study, troubleshooting magnetometer, F745 replacement planning

July 8 - study secondary EFIS options, study GRT web site & their details, learn how GRT EIS4000 & GRT EFIS interact, download & use Garmin CNX80/GNS530 simulators, tweak ePanelBuilder

July 8-11 = updating web site with the last 4 weeks' work

July 12 - get new Radio Shack 10a 13.8v DC power supply, test EFIS & magnetometer

July 13 - look at F793 & SV vent system, fit SV-1s to fuse side skin, SV-5 vents to instrument panel

July 14 - drill & tapped wings for tiedown eyebolts 

July 14 - SV vents & F793s planning, enlarge holes in instrument panel for F721 bracket screws, polish edges of NACA duct, practice with Thread-Sert tool, drill & tap aft fuselage for tiedown eyebolt, prime tiedown eyebolts

July 15 - start on canopy, fabricate C617 & C618 blocks, fit F617s to F745 ribs, align F644s to blocks, get C617/618 blocks into place, drill fwd block bolts

July 15 - install & torque shoulder strap cables, install cargo tiedowns, install nutplates & RivNuts for more cargo tiedown eyebolts

July 16 - remove center sub panel to drill hinge blocks & F644 rib holes, fit blocks to F745s, drill 1/4" holes in blocks.  Fabricate C620 & mill & drill it.  Start fabricating C621, C622

July 16 - got & tested new BMA magnetometer

July 17 - resume fabricating C621, C622, cut C621/622 to length, drill end holes in C621/622, mill slots in C621/622 ends, make AN43B modifications, cut slots & holes in WD620, fit canopy quick release parts together.  Problems with riveted-in F697, F644, F643.  QR rods too short.  Consider tossing all canopy quick release parts

July 18 - ask around 'net about not using canopy quick release.  Consensus agrees - toss it

July 20 - debur canopy frame hinges, lay out canopy fwd latch slot & drill initial holes for it, straighten C609 and C607

July 21 - cut & trim canopy latch slots, file edges & hooks on C607, C609 latch handle and locking hook, make upper & lower C712s, cut out half circles on C712s

July 21 - contact David at Avionics Systems & said I want to get seriously moving on the panel design & build

July 22 -  order Grand Rapids Technologies EFIS system

July 22 - fabricate C712 angles, cut half circles from them, match drill upper & lower C712s, fit assembled latch handle assy to skin; drill & cleco it, install latch side handle spring & core, install knob onto handle, fabricate C710 pushrod, fit WD617 & C611 blocks

July 23 - fit WD617 & C611 blocks, drill & mount C611s & WD617

Aug 2 - study avionics & panel choices & planning, study electrical, lighting, grips, switches, panel, etc.  Started making list of all panel switches & indicators, as well as grip switches & their functions

Aug 3 - avionics/electric/panel planning

Aug 3 - fine tune fit of WD617 to oval holes in F705, fit VS411 brackets, prep C605 beam idler & install it, bend and install C606 links, adjust C710 rod length

Aug 4 - trim C710 rod length, dimple fuselage LT side skin, countersink upper & lower C712s, clean parts & prime

Aug 5 - reconsidering other Subaru engines, just to confirm Eggenfeller is best choice

Aug 6 - also considered the Rivers Aeronautical/Innodyn engine I saw at OSH04

Aug 5-8 = updating web site with the last month's work

Aug 9 - bench test wig-wag flasher, avionics & electric research

Aug 10 - bench test electroluminescent lighting & low fuel warning, electrics research

Aug 10 - cleco and rivet C712 angles to skin

Aug 11 - electric & Subaru research, panel planning

Aug 11 - rivet C712 angles to skin, put UHMW tape on bottom fwd edge of C702, find & mark centerline of WD716 aft rod, cleco C702 skin to frame

Aug 12 - electric, EFIS, AOA research, panel planning

Aug 12 - Subaru research, options planning

Aug 12 - bevel aft edge of canopy frame hinge blocks and fwd edge of canopy hinges, thin LT C618 outboard spacer 

Aug 13 - panel planning

Aug 13 - make reinforcing flanges in F7128Bs and F7128A lightening holes, cleco & drill C702 skin to aft tubing on the WD716 canopy frame, remove & flip C619s

Aug 14 -  write email to Van's about long list of canopy frame poor fit problems

Aug 15 - AOA planning, FPS install & test

Aug 16 - electric & panel planning

Aug 16 - lay out & drill C614 canopy frame tie plate

Aug 18-22 = updating web site with last 2 weeks' work

Aug 18 - panel planning

Aug 19 - panel planning

Aug 20 - panel planning, RFQ for Garmin stack

Aug 21 - panel planning, RFQ for Garmin stack

Aug 21 - canopy frame skin work & planning

Aug 22 - antenna research, various electrics research

Aug 23 - Garmin stack RFQ work, avionics research

Aug 24 - avionics research

Aug 24 - work on canopy frame & C702 skin fit

Aug 25 - avionics research

Aug 25 - more work on canopy frame & skin fit

Aug 26 - making avionics decisions

Aug 26 - more work on canopy frame & skin fit

Aug 27 - avionics research

Aug 27 - TIG weld canopy frame hinge arms

Aug 28 - trying to get Panel Planner software

Aug 28 - exchange emails with Ecutek, received DeltaDash training CD

Aug 28 - weld & redrill canopy frame hinge arm

Aug 29 - working on Panel Planner

Aug 30 - more Panel Planner

Aug 30 - reweld canopy frame hinge arm & move pivot hole

Aug 31 - more panel layout & planning, altimeter/encoder/transponder TSO issue begins, received Hobbs meter

Aug 31 - fabricate wing tiedown eyebolt holder, make spacer blocks for F631As, make, drill, cleco new C704, bend upper flange of F631As

Sep 1 - lay out 2.5" canopy fasteners, flute canopy frame aft F31As, cleaned up WD725 edges, decide not to use C723 wedges, fabricate shim to replace F697 on F643-1, prep C613 splice plates

Sep 1 - mail $10,000 to Eggenfellner

Sep 2-5 = updating web site with last 2 weeks' work

Sep 2 - received Turn Coordinator, research on transponder/encoder issue

Sep 2 - go through DeltaDash training CD

Sep 3 - work on Panel Planner

Sep 3 - Eggenfellner engine followup

Sep 6 - work on Panel Planner

Sep 7 - work on encoder TSO issue

Sep 7 - bend WD725s to better match fuselage curve

Sep 8 - receive & bench test Grand Rapids Technologies EFIS

Sep 8 - fabricate custom C613s & backing plates, fit canopy frame side rails & aft channels

Sep 9 - bench test GRT EFIS

Sep 10 - Receive new C702 skin from Van's.  Work on aft canopy frame F631As.  Got the 631As aligned and ground & filed the WD725 angle vertex.  Lay out where WD622 lugs should go to be centered over the latches, drill holes for RT F631A

Sep 11-12 - gone to Fulton, NY for RV Forums

Sep 13 - avionics planning, decided to return Mid-Continent TC & order Dynon EFIS

Sep 13 - work on the LT canopy frame, layout RT C613, make new LT custom C613, set up LT side canopy frame rail WD725

Sep 14 - match drill WD716, WD725, C613s, backing plates, WD725 aft angles, F631As, then drill everything out to #30.  Debur, clean, polish, & prep parts for primer, countersink a few more holes on C704, make C608 block

Sep 15 - more DeltaDash Subaru engine monitor research

Sep 16 - receive new GRT monitor, bench test GRT & BMA EFISs

Sep 16 - prime canopy frame pieces, assemble F631As & WD725s, rivet F631As, custom C704 splice plate, WD725s to F631A

Sep 17 - troubleshoot BMA software update

Sep 17 - Cleco & rivet WD716, WD725s, custom C613s, rivet canopy frame bottom rivets, epoxy RT cabin frame shims

Sep 18 - epoxy LT shims

Sep 22 - receive & test new (old style) Pillar Point Avionics Low Fuel Level indicators

Sep 23 - receive Dynon magnetometer & OAT probe

Sep 23 - more DeltaDash followup

Sep 23 - file & clean up epoxied cabin frame shims

Sep 24 - sent email to Portland, ME FSDO about ongoing encoder TSO dispute

Sep 26 - tweak canopy frame F631As, cleco new C702 skin, adjust C702 fit, match drill new C702, add 0.025" shim to front of C702

Sep 27 - clean up C702 skin fit, file tops of pop rivet heads on aft cabin frame

Sep 28 - initial trim on plexiglas canopy bubble

Sep 29-Oct 3 = updating web site with last month's work.  Haven't had time to update index in quite awhile

Oct 10 - cut & trimmed front of bubble a couple times

Oct 11 - receive Eggenfellner fuel pumps, try to decipher layout, ask many questions on Eggenfellner list

Oct 12 - deal with hostility from Eggenfellner over list questions

Oct 13 - got reply from Portland FDSO on encoder TSO issue - basically, they say TSO  IS  required for IFR


Oct 13 - arrange to swap out Eggenfellner fuel pumps for ones with correct configuration

Oct 14 - final trim cut at aft edge of main canopy bubble

Oct 15 - ship fuel pumps back to Eggenfellner, go to Atlanta for a new gig

Oct 18-24 - updating web site with Oct work

Oct 20 - add intercooler to my Eggenfellner order

Oct 25 - slow, boring day, so I brought the index up to date

Oct 29 - EAA Technical Counselor inspection #3 by Marvin Bishop

Oct 30 - trim bubble fwd corners to C702 skin cutouts, mark & trim bubble bottom sides, lay out holes for plexi in aft F631As, lay out C702 skin cutouts.

Nov 1 - update web site

Nov 2 - add Mike Crowe page to tools

Nov 4 - add custom baggage compartment page

Nov 9 - update vendors page

Nov 15 - reorder Subaru fuel pumps from Eggenfellner

Nov 15 - update misc page with Ordnorff videos index

Nov 18 - order Gary Newsted's BMA fuel flow module

Nov 19 - order SL30 from Eckhard so I can get the tray for it now

Nov 24 - receive GRT EFIS ARINC-429 interface, GRT OAT probe, and BMA EFIS fuel flow sensor module

Nov 24 - receive new fuel pumps

Nov 28 - receive SL30, Sandia encoder, and Garmin trays

Nov 29 - update web site

Dec 2 - work on POH

Dec 6 - wondering if I made the right Eggenfellner engine choice

Dec 8 - RV7 list sez Rivers Aeronautical no longer affiliated with Innodyn turbine

Dec 10 - reconfirmed my Eggenfellner engine choice

Dec 24 - received DeltaDash

Dec 27 - cut C702 skin cutouts for plexi, trim & fit canopy to frame

Dec 28 - received Dynon EFIS

Dec 28 - trim & fit canopy plexi bubble, lay out bubble fastener spacing

Dec 29 - final fit & mount canopy plexi bubble to canopy frame, match drill plexi to frame, fit RT C603 canopy skin

Dec 31 - Lay out, drill, dimple C603s, match-drill C603s to WD725, fabricate & fit C731 canopy lift handle, debur WD725


Jan 7 - sent DeltaDash stuff to Robert Paisley for him to test

Jan 7-18 = trying to get some straight answers from Jan Eggenfellner

Jan 16 - home from Atlanta gig; fit, drill, cleco center canopy frame brace F7128A

Jan 17 - drill C702 to tubing #30 holes, drill and cleco C702, debur C702, fabricate shims for C702 skin

Jan 18 - prep & fit canopy frame & skin

Jan 19 - dimple C702, countersink canopy frame, refit frame to fuselage, practice plexi drilling & countersinking

Jan 20 - final C702 skin trim & prep, cut & trim C702 ears, scuff skin & frame

Jan 21-22 - update web site

Jan 23 - final prep C702 & canopy frame, primed them & C603, clecoed them all together, ready to rivet

Jan 24 - found out about some rivets and screws thru C702 that I didn't do; worked on them & C725 strut blocks

Jan 24 - reconfirmed Eggenfellner engine order

Jan 25 - match drill C725 blocks, drill, ream, tap  block holes

Jan 26 - drill C702 skin & frame for #10 screws, dimple skin & countersunk frame, clecoed skin on

Jan 27 - struggle with riveting C702 skin to canopy frame, ask Phil Cobbin to come help

Jan 29 - drill out bad C702 rivets for oops rivets

Jan 30 - finish bucking C702 skin rivets with Phil, epoxy vertical gap between C702 skin and canopy frame, go to Detroit

Jan 31 - mail $20K check to Eggenfellner for balance on engine

Feb 6 - epoxy horizontal gap between C702 skin and canopy frame

Feb 3,6,7 - update web site

Feb 14 - receive feedback from Robert Paisley on his testing of the Ecutek Subaru engine monitor

Feb 15 - remove excess epoxy, smooth up epoxy work

Feb 16 - more excess epoxy cleanup & smoothing

Feb 18 - prime canopy frame & C725 strut blocks, install strut blocks, countersink some bubble bolt holes

Feb 19 - countersink remaining bolt holes in bubble, drill holes w/5/32" plexi drill, assemble bubble to frame

Feb 20 - lock bushings into hinge arms, mark front of bubble for more trimming

Feb 20 - check with Jan Eggenfellner on status of engine

Feb 23 - redrill frame #28 holes to 24

Feb 24 - remove bubble to drill frame holes to #24, file & fit front edge of bubble to  C702 skin

Feb 25 - watch Sam James' Fiberglassing video, order Plastiline clay

Feb 27 - final trim on fwd edge of bubble

Feb 28 - more final trim on fwd edge of bubble

Mar 2 - receive Plastiline clay

Mar 3 - update web site

Mar 4 - remove bubble from frame, prep for painting frame

Mar 5 - scuff & clean C702 skin top surface for primer prep

Mar 7 - patch 4 epoxied rivet holes for smooth surface

Mar 8 - prime C702, paint canopy frame

Mar 9 - check with Jan again on status of my engine

Mar 9 - more taping & finish painting canopy frame

Mar 10 - final frame paint touchup, remove masking, roughen aluminum

Mar 11 - epoxy canopy bubble corners to frame

Mar 12 - finish epoxying canopy bubble to frame

Mar 13 - file edge of plexi on LT side

Mar 14 - File edge of LT corner plexi, plan layout for adding filler.

Mar 15 - put down first layer of filler between C702 skin and bubble

Mar 16 - sand microballoon filler

Mar 17 - apply fiberglass cloth to skin/bubble junction

Mar 18 - apply more fiberglass cloth to skin/bubble junction

Mar 19 - grind high spots in glassed cloth, reposition guide tape

Mar 20 - finish repositioning guide tape, prep for epoxy

Mar 21 - laid down first coats of microballoon/epoxy filler

Mar 22 - 2 more coats of filler

Mar 22 - queried Jan Eggenfellner again about my engine status

Mar 23 - more filler at the fwd edge of the bubble

Mar 24 - queried Eggenfellner again about status of engine

Mar 25 - put a layer of Evercoat Rage Gold onto canopy bubble/skin junction

Mar 26 - more microballoon mix onto bubble/skin junction

Mar 27 - another 2 layers of microballoons

Mar 28 - another layer of microballoons

Mar 30 - sanding microballoon layer - not very exciting activity

Apr 3 - visit & filler advice from Bud Bushway

Apr 5 - Jan Eggenfellner says my engine will ship this week!

Apr 10 - sand filler under tape bottom edge, to try to bring it back to feathered edge

Apr 11 - got email from Jan - engine ready to ship

Apr 12 - finish sanding bubble lip off and put on a layer of epoxy

Apr 12 - engine is ready for pickup

Apr 13 - put on another layer of bubble junction epoxy/microballoons

Apr 13 - picked up engine in Bellows Falls

Apr 14 - another epoxy layer for canopy bubble

Apr 14 - unload engine from truck, opened crate, no belt, no pulley, no supercharger - query Jan about it

Apr 15 - update web site

Apr 16 - finish opening engine crate & put away extras

Apr 19 - one more epoxy layer onto bubble/frame junction

Apr 20 - update web site

Apr 20 - query Jan again about status of missing items

Apr 26 - sand canopy bubble/skin transition

Apr 30 - sand bubble/skin transition.

May 1 - start prepping for engine mounting

May 1 - install main gear legs, assemble LT U801, U408s, Cleveland flange, and U403 assy

May 2 - assemble main wheels, tires, tubes

May 5 - disassemble front wheel, clean tape residue from wheel, polish small rust spot on bearing race & oil it

May 11 - assemble front wheel, tube, & tire

May 22 - assemble RT U810, U408s, Cleveland flange, U403, prep & prime RT U810

May 25 - assemble RT brake/wheel assy, remake U408s

May 26 - install & safety RT wheel & brake assy, start assembling LT side, prep & prime LT U810

May 27 - assemble LT brake/wheel parts

May 28 - working on plans for my hangar

May 30 - mark & drill LT axle nut, install LT brake caliper, start layout for nose gear leg

May 30 - plan for hoisting engine for mounting

May 31 - remove F771 front top fuselage skin, remove & cut F745R rib

June 1 - dimple RT F745 and firewall

June 2 - rivet F745s to firewall

June 3 - finish rivet F745s to firewall, prep, deburr, dimple F601K firewall recess.   Countersink F601E stiffener, squeeze F601K side rivets, cleco F601K, prep F643-1 for riveting to F743B bracket & firewall

June 4 - rivet F743B bracket to F643-1, rivet F643-1 to F768A sub panel, rivet and seal F601K firewall recess to firewall

June 5 - redo 2 F601K rivets + 1 corner - all Cherry Max

June 5 - take engine to garage, hoist onto engine crane

June 6 - make 1/4" to #40 adapter sleeve for drilling nose gear leg

June 7 - drill & ream nose gear leg

June 7 -  remove conflicting parts from firewall, align engine frame holes to firewall holes, look into cowl hinges, U720A&B, U520B, C, D

June 8 - confirm heater hose hookup, remove radiators to send to Eggenfellner for rework

June 19 - remove & package PRSU vent tube to return to Eggenfellner

June 20 - lay out, cut, drill, cleco, deburr lower cowl hinges & shims

June 22 - finish prep for lower cowl hinges

June 22 - getting screwed by parasite bureaucrats on my hangar plans

June 23 - rivet lower cowl hinges, lay out side hinges

June 24 - get s/s scrap, make & fit firewall patches, install RT cowl hinge

June 25 - LT cowl hinge prep

June 26 AM - rivet RT cowl hinge,

June 26 PM - paint nose gear leg, grease nose gear wheel bearings, assemble nose gear, prep firewall patches

June 27 - final prep on firewall patches

June 28 - Proseal and rivet firewall patches, plan firewall bolt hole drilling

June 29 - remove fuel pressure regulator & return to Eggenfellner, final engine mount prep, remove bad heater hose

June 30 - drill & ream engine mount bolt holes, bolt engine to firewall

July 1 - clean shop & update web site

July 2 - clean up shop

Aug 4 - it's been a month since I updated the index - here it is

July 3 - shop cleanup

July 5 - start reworking Eggenfellner fuel pumps, make wye fitting for pumps inlet

July 6 - received reworked Eggenfellner radiators

July 7 - Eggenfellner radiators & fuel plumbing details

July 8 - more Eggenfellner parts chasing, fuel plumbing, radiators

July 9 - TIG welding fuel pumps frame, fuel pumps work

July 10 - more Eggenfellner engine parts orders, fuel pumps work

July 11 - trying different fuel lines

July 12 - more Eggenfellner engine parts orders, fuel pumps work

July 13 -  more fuel pumps work, trying to identify my engine, planning for Accusump

July 14 - still more engine, fuel plumbing parts orders, experiment with Shoe Goo, questions for Eggenfellner list, fuel pumps work

July 15 - make threaded post for fuel plumbing stanchion, install PSRU vent bottle, remount headers

July 16 - finish mount & torque headers, start on muffler install, muffler install problems

July 17 - assemble mufflers & plates, work on muffler fit problems, remount reworked radiators

July 18 - work on muffler fit problems

July 19 - work on muffler fit problems

July 20 - install last fitting onto fuel pumps assy, work on muffler fit problems

July 21 - deal with Jan Eggenfellner problems

July 22 - web site update, work on Eggenfellner Installation Manual

July 23-30 - Oshkosh AirVenture 2005 !!!

July 31 - got stainless steel tubing from Burns Stainless, watched Tom Moore's Eggenfellner H6 installation video

Aug 1 - work on Eggenfellner Installation Manual, drill & install PSRU vent bottle plug

Aug 2 - more Eggenfellner Installation Manual work, update web site

Aug 3 - more Eggenfellner Installation Manual work

Aug 4 - getting web site caught back up while at the track

Aug 5 - install and try Panel Planner again

Aug 5 - Eggenfellner Installation Manual updates from NHIS

Aug 6 - Eggenfellner Installation Manual updates from NHIS

Aug 7 - practice TIG welding stainless steel tubing - for header mods

Aug 8 - a couple more hours TIG practice

Aug 9 - heater fitting and planning

Aug 10 - heater fitting and planning, marked header nuts for safety wire drilling

Aug 11 - fit and mount heater

Aug 12 - found I don't need that heater shutoff valve after all

Aug 13-14 - attend Bob Nuckolls wiring seminar

Aug 14 - heater & coolant reservoir mounting

Aug 15 - heater & coolant reservoir mounting

Aug 16 - make bushings & spacers for Eggenfellner alternator

Aug 17 - reinstall alternator, remove heater & hammer firewall recess

Aug 17 - wasted another hour on the Panel Planner disaster

Aug 18 - prep for more engine parts to swap, update web site from NHIS

Aug 20 - working on the Eggenfellner Install Manual from NHIS

Aug 21 - more Eggenfellner STi upgrade chapter updates, remove alternator & check for grinding damage - none found

Aug 22 - more Eggenfellner STi upgrade chapter updates, remove RT header and supercharger mount bracket

Aug 23 - prep to install new heater with 1/2" fittings

Aug 24 - clean up damaged supercharger bracket mount holes

Aug 25 - install heater, drill out header nuts for safety wire, countersink & polish edges of fuel pumps frame

Aug 26 - drill and countersink fuel pump frame for nutplates, consider fuel pumps pre-filter sock plan

Aug 27 - finish fuel pumps assy & install it

Aug 28 - clean up workbench

Aug 29 - start cutting custom fuselage access panels - RT side

Aug 30 - update web site & work late

Aug 31 - finish cutting custom fuselage access panels - LT side

Aug 31 - receive Coolant Loss Sensor

Sep 1 - update web site from the track

Sep 11 - fit RT custom fuselage access panel

Sep 12 - lay out, drill, dimple & cleco RT access panel backing plate

Sep 13 - more work on RT fuselage access panel

Sep 14 - more work on RT fuselage access panel

Sep 15 - finish RT fuselage access panel

Sep 16 - start making LT fuselage access panel

Sep 17 - finish LT fuselage access panel

Sep 21 - update web site

Sep 23 - clean up shop

Sep 24 - planning for magnetometer mounting

Sep 25 - initial attempt at magnetometer mount layout

Sep 26 - consider new magnetometer location, update web site

Sep 28 - update web site

Oct 6 - more pondering of magnetometer mounting method, location

Oct 8 - settle on plan for mounting magnetometers, start making mount bracket

Oct 10 - finish magnetometer mount bracket

Oct 11 - update web site

Oct 12 - rivet mount plates onto GRT mag

Oct 15 - lay out & mount mags to plate, lay out & drill plate lightening holes

Oct 16 - fit mag mount hardware, lay out mag plate mounting

Oct 19 - update web site, compile Wicks & ACS orders

Oct 23 - finish lightening & mount holes in mag mount plate, work on tipup canopy Service Bulletin to brace F774 & F632A, fabricate F732G spacer, cleco & drill F774 & F732G

Oct 24 - update web site

Oct 27 - clean up workbench, put away ACS s/s & brass screws order

Oct 30 - testing & researching cabin lighting for F632A rollbar brace channel

Oct 31 - testing & researching cabin lighting for F632A rollbar brace channel

Nov 1 - research LED lighting solutions

Nov 2 - put away Wicks hardware order, looking over LED solutions, see if Dynon will exchange D-10A for new D-100 = NO

Nov 3 - update web site

Nov 3 - receive replacement supercharger bracket, attempt installation

Nov 4 - finding new bolts for new supercharger mount bracket

Nov 4 - work on top fuselage skin brace kit

Nov 9 - remake F732G spacer for skin brace kit, finish making & fitting kit, match drill F774 skin

Nov 10 - work on making interior lights for bottom of F632A channel

Nov 12 - finish interior lighting for F632A

Nov 15 - got supercharger mount bracket bolt, now waiting for replacement supercharger bracket

Nov 16 - update web site

Nov 29 - got STi upgrade kit, check fit of intercooler and supercharger bracket

Nov 30 - meet with Claremont officials about hangar construction

Dec 2 - work on STi upgrade parts

Dec 3 - work on STi engine upgrades

Dec 4 - install supercharger mount bracket & low coolant level sensor

Dec 5 - lots of emails trying to straighten out the mess with no instructions for Eggenfellner STi upgrade

Dec 6 - successfully removed & reinstalled cam sprockets last night

Dec 7 - reinstall cam belt

Dec 8 - finish installing cam timing belt

Dec 9 - work on Eggenfellner Install Manual updates, buy & install new cam timing belt

Dec 10 - cut inlet neck off intercooler & mark for rewelding, mount supercharger & work on fit interference issues

Dec 11 - install crank pulley, work on supercharger, intercooler, and related plumbing & parts fit issues

Dec 12 - emails on fit issues, update web site

Dec 13 - got some answers from Jan Eggenfellner about fit issues

Dec 14 - working with Claremont city planners & attorney on getting my hangar lease finalized

Dec 14 - work on supercharger inlet duct & other engine parts planning

Dec 15 - get rewelded intercooler, work on intercooler mounts

Dec 16 - install alternator & belt and intercooler Lord mounts, make & install intercooler port cover

Dec 17 - make & fit intercooler mount brackets

Dec 18 - finish intercooler mount brackets, install intercooler & brackets, fit SC-IC plumbing

Dec 19 - lighten intercooler support brackets

Dec 20 - finish & prime intercooler brackets, install intercooler, adjust & torque supercharger

Dec 21 - install SC-IC plumbing, SC inlet duct, RT header, start on mufflers

Dec 21 - still trying to get Claremont dildoes to get me a lease to sign

Dec 22 - update web site

Dec 22 - sign hangar land lease

Dec 23 - torque intercooler plumbing clamps, reinstall headers

Dec 27 - look into hangar electrical service

Dec 27 - install, torque & safety header stud nuts, safety oil drain, reinstall RT oxy sensor, make bushing for Adel clamp mount

Dec 28 - meet PSNH rep & Airport Manager at airport to discuss getting electric power to my hangar site

Dec 28 - install Adel clamps for oxy sensor & coolant line, safety oil filter, work on mufflers

Dec 29 - my lease still not signed by City Manager - claim they'll do it today

Dec 29 - receive Accusump, plan alternate Accusump mount locations, install heater plumbing, reinstall coolant reservoir

Dec 30 - dismantle engine wiring harness & make firewall hole, reinstall fuel pressure regulator

Dec 31- finish getting engine wiring harness through firewall, install Andair firewall fuel filter


Jan 1 - untangle wiring harness, plan ECM mount

Jan 2 - mount ECM and oxygen sensor relay, more wiring harness untangling, make mount for ODB connector

Jan 3 - finish ODB mount, assemble fuel line cross, make fuel line cross standoffs, make firewall backing plate

Jan 3 - met Peter Chase & PSNH rep at airport to discuss electric service for my hangar

Jan 4 - met with surveyor to do my hangar site plan

Jan 4 - finish firewall fuel backing plate, install firewall fuel components

Jan 5 - met with Tom Dombroski, honest surveyor.  Still trying to get my signed hangar lease

Jan 6 - new lies on why hangar lease still isn't signed by city

Jan 6 - FWF fuel plumbing work

Jan 7 - rework fuel line transition from frame to engine

Jan 8 - more fuel line plumbing

Jan 9 - straighten & organize wire harness, ponder tumble generator mount, start F745R rib brace

Jan 10 - pick up tubing for pressure relief valve adapter welded on, install RT F745 rib brace

Jan 10 - still waiting for engineer working on my building engineering plans

Jan 10 - rivet F745s & F768B

Jan 11 - supposedly, the city is moving fwd on getting power plan going

Jan 12 - rivet F745s & F768B

Jan 13 - at the last possible minute, Claremont has decided to do one site plan for all hangars

Jan 14 - refill coolant tank, clamp fuel plumbing

Jan 15 - clamp fuel plumbing, muffler layout

Jan 15 - brake line layout

Jan 15 - EFIS/AHRS layout

Jan 16 - muffler layout

Jan 17 - arrogant Jerry Coogan says the city "will proceed at its own pace" on the city hangar site plan

Jan 17 - working on panel layout and how it all fits with instrument panel, subpanel, canopy hinge, and EFIS/AHRS layout

Jan 18 - more panel layout & measuring for fit

Jan 19 - more followup calls on hangar planning

Jan 19 - sent Blue Mountain display back for upgrade, work on fuel transfer tank

Jan 22 - finish fuel xfer tank, panel planning & layout

Jan 23 - dealing with Claremont on hangar planning

Jan 24 - more panel planning, measuring, layout.  Moved Garmin 530 over to second column

Jan 25 - finish panel layout - ready to cut

Jan 25 - finding out what more steps needed for hangar building permit, after Planning Board

Jan 26 - one more problem with fit on panel

Jan 26 - firing one hangar engineer & hiring another, find out I need site plan after all

Jan 27 - more hangar planning

Jan 27 - finalize panel cutout plans

Jan 29 - make first panel cutout

Jan 30 - more panel cutouts

Jan 31 - got signed hangar lease

Feb 1 - Garmin GNS530 tray install work

Feb 1 - followup with Tom Dombroski, Planning Board hangar hearing set for Feb 13

Feb 2 - more followup on hangar plans with Mike McNeil & Rick Yarnold, sent check for Schweiss door

Feb 2 - receive BMA display upgrade, modify BMA display backing plate

Feb 3 - got hangar site plan details from Rick Yarnold

Feb 3 - trim BMA backing plate, fit BMA display, GRT EFIS, Dynon EFIS to panel.  F745L extension & Garmin stack layout

Feb 4 - talk to Tom Dombroski about hangar site plan

Feb 5 - Garmin stack brackets layout & installation, F745L extension layout

Feb 6 - hangar building plan & site plan discussions with Mike & Tom

Feb 6 - Garmin GMA340 & SL30 trays install,

Feb 7 - got hangar site plan, filled out FAA construction application

Feb 7 - SL30 & Garmin GTX330 trays install, match drill Garmin stack brackets to panel

Feb 8 - submitted FAA hangar construction application, building plan discussions

Feb 8 - work on panel brackets and F703B and F703Cs; final panel metal work & prime

Feb 9 - rivet all panel brackets, nutplates, and reinforcement angles

Feb 11 - clean up shop, cut holes in subpanel for long avionics trays

Feb 12 - trim subpanel cuts, make brackets to attach F745 extensions to subpanel

Feb 15 - install & cleco F745R subpanel bracket

Feb 16 - fit F745L subpanel bracket, prime both brackets & F745 extensions

Feb 17 - rivet F745 extensions, plan mounting BMA and GRT AHRS

Feb 21 - fabricating GRT AHRS mount bracket

Feb 22- fabricating GRT AHRS mount bracket

Feb 22 - picked up hangar plans, conv w/Ken Walsh

Feb 23 - hangar conv w/Jerry Coogan

Feb 24 - picked up final hangar plans, got my copy of FAA application D-H sent in

Feb 25 - took hangar electrical plans to Chuck Peabody

Feb 28 - more hangar planning

March 2 - got estimate for hangar electrical work

March 3 - cancel hangar electrical plans, plans are signed

March 7 - follow up on hangar electrical & utilities trench

March 8 - got signed hangar plans, called electricians & site work people

March 9 - visited hangar site with Everett Cass

March 10 - more hangar followup

March 10 - lightening holes in GRT AHRS mount bracket

March 12 - rivets onto GRT AHRS bracket

March 13 - finish & install GRT AHRS bracket

March 14 - make subpanel reinforcement angle for LT BMA AHRS mount

March 15 - make LT & RT BMA AHRS mount angles

March 16 - Blue Mountain Avionics AHRS mount work

March 17 - TIG welding BMA AHRS mount brackets

March 17 - bad news on hangar - FAA approval process not even started yet

March 19 - finish BMA AHRS mount

March 20 - talk to FAA about hangar construction application

May 25 - I've been quite remiss in keeping the index up to date.   I haven't been working on the plane every day, but as often as I can.  There have been a lot of other things getting in the way.   I am working on engine and electrical stuff.  Check those links for details.  I hope to get a chance to bring this index up to date soon.

July 26 - wow - it's been hard keeping up on the web site.   I am weeks behind on updating the pages, and months behind on the index.   The more the index gets out of date, the more work it will be to bring it up to date.  I am not working on the plane as much as I should be, but I am averaging some work on it every couple days.

Sept 27 - sad to say, but I've gotten so far behind in keeping this index up to date that I may never find time to bring it up to date now.  Too bad, as I find it very useful for searching for a key word or looking up things I know I've done, but I'm not sure when I did it.  If I get a chance, I will bring this up to date.

Dec 15, 2006 - If users have found this index to be of great value, please let me know, and I will try to find the time to update it.

Jan 15, 2007 - Even though there have been no requests to get the index up to date, I decided to get back into updating it, starting at the end and working back toward where I left off.  It seems less daunting that way, and it prevents the problem from getting continually worse.  Even if no one else cares about the index, I use it myself all the time to find a specific entry.

Nov 1 - plan wiring, wire EIS, heater switch

Nov 1 - reconnect LT side engine harness wires

Nov 2 - EIS wiring

Nov 3 - EIS wiring, GRT MAP wiring, AoA mounting

Nov 4 - OAT probes, Power Schottky modules, move main contactor

Nov 6 - followup on console order

Nov 9 - reinstall Andair fuel control valve & plumbing from valve to fuel pump inlet filters

Nov 10 - getting heater switch, complete homebuilt planes directory

Nov 11 - remove fuel pressure block & Barksdale switch, and move fuel pressure transducer to where Barksdale was

Nov 11 - examine securing control stick grip switch wiring

Nov 12 - more grip switches wire planning, install engine ground strap

Nov 12 - looking at wing bolts' fit in spar with gear weldment interference

Nov 13 - change console order to get throttle quadrant configured for twin engine

Nov 14 - connect contactors and Power Shottky modules, plan routing wire bundle

Nov 15 - plan mounting switch panel to main instrument panel

Nov 16 - ream gear weldment holes to clear wing attach bolts

Nov 20 - fit switch panels to instrument panel, work on switch panel wires

Nov 20 - more gear weldment holes reaming

Nov 21 - practice installing captive studs, wire switches panel

Nov 26 - switch panel wiring

Nov 27 - switch panel & fuse blocks wiring

Nov 28 - receive console kit & start laying it out

Nov 29 - assemble console

Nov 30 - cleco & fit console parts

Nov 30 - electronic throttle layout

Dec 1 - fit electronic throttle mount to quadrant

Dec 2 - fit electronic throttle quadrant mount, wastegate control mount

Dec 3 - fit electronic throttle quadrant mount, wastegate control mount

Dec 4 - TIG weld wastegate control mount

Dec 5 - ream wastegate control mount for Bowden cable

Dec 5 - fitting console parts

Dec 6 - fitting console parts

Dec 7 - make box bracket for MT prop controller

Dec 9 - match drill console parts, trim Andair valve extension

Dec 10 - spray fogging oil into cylinders

Dec 13 - debur console parts drilled holes

Dec 14 - debur console parts

Dec 14 - put oil into engine

Dec 15 - route MAP vacuum line

Dec 15 - run 6 AWG battery ground wire

Dec 16 - run one 6 AWG battery positive lead

Dec 16 - spin engine to circulate fogging oil

Dec 17 - vacuum line routing

Dec 17 - mount & wire Perihelion LOVP & LVWAABMM modules

Dec 18 - make electronic throttle connector

Dec 19 - connect electronic throttle connector & test throttle

Dec 21 - patch between fuselage skins for fuel return bulkhead fitting

Dec 21 - dimpling & countersinking console parts

Dec 21 - consider potential radio stack interference to canopy, Dynon battery issues

Dec 22 - console parts deburring

Dec 23 - dimple, countersink, prime console parts

Dec 25 - start riveting console parts

Dec 27 - rivet console parts

Dec 27 - get AirGizmos mount for Garmin 496

Dec 28 - rivet console parts

Dec 30 - rivet console parts


Jan 1 - mounting quadrant to console

Jan 2 - more mounting quadrant to console

Jan 3 - testing Dynon EFIS

Jan 4 - mounting Andair valve to console

Jan 4 - Dynon & Perihelion LVWAABM testing

Jan 5 - bulkhead fuel line fittings, pressure test fuel lines

Jan 6 - install roll pins for Andair extension

Jan 6 - test & install LVWAABMM

Jan 7 - pressure test fuel system, RAN ENGINE

Jan 8 - ran engine with gas can elevated - pumps sound better

Jan 9 - consider Cherry Bomb or Burns Stainless mufflers, instead of SuperTrapp mufflers

Jan 9 - install captive studs for switches subpanel

Jan 10 - trying out Cherry Bomb mufflers

Jan 10 - reinstall switches into switches subpanel, wire LVWAABMM LED

Jan 11 - mounting mufflers, decide to go with Cherry Bombs

Jan 12 - weld adapters onto Cherry Bomb mufflers

Jan 13 - make supports for Cherry Bomb mufflers

Jan 14 - finish making supports for mufflers

Jan 15 - start wiring Perihelion LOVP module

Jan 18 - Eggenfellner Installation Inspection with Gary Newsted

Jan 19 - fuel pump/heater grounds & boots, install supercharger belt and tensioner rod

Jan 20 - fuel pump/heater grounds

Jan 20 - LOVP wiring LED testing

Jan 21 - LOVP wiring, reinstall panels, update wiring documentation

Jan 21 - run engine, bend headers, mount mufflers

Jan 23 - update wiring documentation

Jan 24 - update wiring documentation

Jan 25 - wiring documentation, lay out panel for warning lights

Jan 25 - Eggenfellner recommends installing an air/fuel meter

Jan 26 - received my Dynon EFIS D-10A back from Dynon

Jan 28 - more TurboCAD work, lay out wiring for MT prop controller

Jan 28 - sent out throttle quadrant top for engraving

Jan 30 - decided not to bother with air/fuel display

Jan 31 - Jan gives me another reason to not bother pulling header and installing another sensor bung

Feb 3 - install Angle of Attack display into instrument panel

Feb 4 - finish AoA display installation

Feb 4 - redo muffler Lord mounts

Feb 5 - TurboCAD work on indicators layout

Feb 10 - reinstall muffler Lord mounts, intercooler, and intercooler plumbing

Feb 11 - reinstall mufflers

Feb 18 - install Moroso coolant recovery tank, more work on mufflers mounting

Feb 21 - remove mufflers & get them welded to extensions

Feb 22 - reinstall mufflers

Feb 23 - secure Moroso overflow tank, paint mufflers, run engine with fully-connected supercharger

Feb 24 - install mufflers, adjust supercharger belt, configure EIS tach settings, run engine

Feb 25 - make fuel pumps floor vent/drain, test-run engine, measure intake air pressure, start redoing fuel manifold to add Gems pressure switch

Feb 27 - configure Grand Rapids EIS

Feb 27 - test-run engine

Feb 28 - program GRT EIS, set up, test, adjust EIS ammeter

Feb 28 - test-run engine

Mar 1 - research, update, document EIS settings,

Mar 2 - still trying to get answers to my questions about inlet air pressure & wastegate size

Mar 4 - more EIS setup, wire MT prop controller

Mar 4 - set up& try to use OBD-II scanner

Mar 5 - machine throttle quadrant top & reinstall into quadrant, scan engine with OBD-II scanner

Mar 6 - will have to reinstall original butterfly valve wastegate

Mar 8 - fix miswired intake air temperature sensor wiring

Mar 9 - order GRT supercharger pressure sensor, GPS module, and ARINC-429 connectors.  Order Garmin 330 & 340

Mar 9 - install temp muffin fans in engine coolant radiators

Mar 10 - finish muffin fans install, remove supercharger-intercooler plumbing, plan for new wastegate

Mar 10 - locate ECM warning light wire, install battery cable, install GRT ARINC-429, mount Angle of Attack computer, wire DVM

Mar 11 - wire DVM & switch, install DB-25 connector for all panel indicators

Mar 12 - install DVM & MT prop controller grounds, update indicators drawing

Mar 13 - lay out wiring runs between front & rear

Mar 14 - confirm no clearance problem between canopy & panel

Mar 15 - more pondering/planning front-rear wiring runs

Mar 15 - examine my AN fittings from Aircraft Spruce

Mar 16 - prep battery cables to run to aft of plane

Mar 17 - finish prepping battery wires for threading, start threading wires

Mar 18 - finish threading battery wires, work on removable switches panel captive studs

Mar 19 - receive Grand Rapids Technologies order - misconceptions with most of it

Mar 19 - work with Gary Newsted to get parts to redo wastegate

Mar 20 - talk to GRT to resolve questions about GRT components order misunderstandings

Mar 21 - drill holes in LT baggage compartment floor & ribs for electrical conduit

Mar 22 - make covers, install nutplates for baggage floor access holes, install wiring conduit

Mar 23 - prime & paint baggage access covers, rewire fuel pressure sender, work on indicators

Mar 23 - remove fuel pressure distribution block ver 2 (with Barksdale fuel pressure switch) and install version 3 with Gems switch

Mar 25 - more planning for panel indicators, LEDs,

Mar 27 - install panel indicators

Mar 28 - add low voltage warning indicator, remove & reinstall captive studs for switches panel, looking for home for 2 AoA switches

Mar 29 - source EIS warning light, drill panel for AoA switches, final warning indicators test, remove instrument panel and all components, paint panel

Mar 31 - mount AirGizmos Garmin 496 adapter to 530 tray mount brackets

Mar 31 - redoing wastegate

Apr 1 - install AirGozmos adapter, reassemble panel & start wiring warning indicators

Apr 1 - make wastegate actuating arm, mount wastegate

Apr 2 - indicators wiring

Apr 4 - wastegate cable planning

Apr 6 - route, label, secure indicator wires, install displays & Garmin trays

Apr 8 - install Garmin tray backs, secure indicators wiring, crimp sockets

Apr 9 - label indicators wires, populate DB-25 connector.

Apr 11 - update electrical drawings, instrument panel wiring

Apr 12 - study GRT, BMA, Garmin interconnections docs

Apr 13 - update wiring interconnections doc

Apr 16 - wiring interconnections doc

Apr 17 - wiring interconnections doc

Apr 18 - wiring interconnections doc

Apr 18 - resume layout for supercharger wastegate control

Apr 19 - rewire starter solenoid circuit onto separate fuse

Apr 19 - final layout, positioning, and test fit of wastegate control cable clamp mount bracket

Apr 20 - mount new inline fuse

Apr 20 - weld wastegate control cable bracket, drill firewall eyeball fitting

Apr 22 - rewire DC control - starter solenoid circuit

Apr 22 - drill firewall for eyeball fitting

Apr 23 - redo starter main cable routing

Apr 25 - update interconnections docs

Apr 25 - ream eyeball fitting for wastegate control cable, install cable

Apr 26 - finish wastegate control cable installation, install positive stop in quadrant for wastegate control lever

Apr 27 - wire low fuel pressure warning circuit

Apr 28 - low fuel pressure & low coolant indicator wiring, install batteries, troubleshoot warning indicators

Apr 29 - low coolant indicator wiring, SC pressure wiring

Apr 29 - test run engine

Apr 30 - test run engine, document engine start and stop procedures

Apr 30 - set tach p/r and supercharger pressure AUX2 EIS parameters, start GRT EFIS wiring

May 1 - GRT EFIS wiring

May 1 - trying to get answers fro Eggenfellner on engine

May 2 - avionics interconnections doc

May 3 - avionics interconnections doc

May 4 - Grand Rapids EFIS/AHRS wiring

May 5 - GRT EFIS/AHRS wiring

May 6 - Grand Rapids magnetometer wiring, Blue Mountain Avionics EFIS/One wiring

May 7 - rewire DC control - starter solenoid, new Avionics Master contactor

May 10 - install ground wires, finished & wrapped LT firewall passthru

May 12 - fit eyeball fitting to wire harness, wire BMA power & ground, wire avionics master switch

May 13 - wire Avionics Master switch and contactor, re-connect DC control wiring

May 14 - reinstall panel, test Avionics Master & GRT/BMA EFISs

May 15 - plan, connect, secure BMA EFIS/CPU interconnect cables

May 17 - route & secure BMA cables

May 18 - avionics docs, block diagram

May 19 - BMA wiring, BMA ethernet cable

May 20 - BMA Autopilot circuit breaker, switches subpanel

May 21 - avionics docs, getting needed parts

May 22 - convert indicators wiring connectors from DB25 to DB37

May 23 - looking into Eggenfellner STi issues, especially the PSRU problem

May 24 - my new hangar at VSF is up, except the main door

May 25 - update connectors pinouts doc, lay out new switches subpanel

May 27 - lay out & cut/drill new switches subpanel

May 29 - Jan Eggenfellner says his Gen 2 PSRU (delivered with the most updated STi engines) "is marginal in every respect. From the input gear to the exit flange.", but Eggenfellner won't pay to replace them.   Ordered new Gen 3 PSRU.

May 30 - shear switches subpanel from old panel, cut subpanel to fit MT prop controller

May 31- got email from Eggenfellner about why we have to pay to fix PSRU problem.  Sent reply. 

May 31 - install new switches subpanel

June 2 - wire autopilot breaker, add lighting switches

June 3 - wire flashing taxi light

June 4 - growing unrest among Eggenfellner STi customers as more problems surface

June 4 - taxi and landing light switches & indicators

June 5 - more & more Eggenfellner STi engine problems surfacing, Eggenfellner handling everything very poorly

June 5 - wire landing light switch LED indicator

June 6 - the Eggenfellner STi engine outlook looks worse each day, and STi customers are more ticked each day

June 6 - wire inline fuses for DVM leads

June 7 - wire inline fuse for taxi flasher light, quick-disconnect leads for taxi/landing light indicators

June 8 - receive A&T Labs K11 dimmer system

June 9 - install K11 dimmer

June 10 - install K11 dimmer

June 11 - K11 dimmer, switches panel

June 12 - switches panel, PC interface connectors

June 14-16 - patch small holes in switches panel

June 17 - fit switches panel

June 17 - more depressing Eggenfellner engine news

June 18 - Eggenfellner engine outlook just gets worse & worse

June 20 - work on switches panel

June 21 - prime switches panel

June 21 - engine test run

June 22 - paint switches panel

June 24 - paint switches panel, pin Andair fuel valve extension

June 25 - got some answers from Gary at Eggenfellner

June 26 - assemble switches to new switches panel

June 29 - rewire low coolant wiring through new DB-37 connector

July 1 - flow coolant rewiring, landing and taxi light indicators and switches

July 4 - wire taxi light switch, indicator, flasher

July 5 - install remainder of lighting switches onto switches panel

July 7 - install & wire 2TL1-1 DPDT switch for landing light.

July 13 - wire power to taxi and landing light switches

July 14 - wire nav & strobe lights, wire light switches to fuse block

July 15 - wire grounds for taxi/landing light indicators

July 17 - wire Dynon D-10A EFIS power & ground

July 18 - wire Dynon EFIS to Dynon PC port

July 18 - 2 engine test runs & test difficulty starting engine

July 19 - finish wiring Dynon EFIS to Dynon PC port

July 20 - engine test run

July 30 - get camlocks order, Sandia AIM LED research

July 31 - get & test Sandia AIM LEDs

Aug 1 - choose LEDs for Sandia AIM, wire "aux pump on" indicator & test OK

Aug 6 - install Sandia AIM switch

Aug 7 - Sandia AIM LEDs install & wiring

Aug 11 - Sandia AIM LEDs install & wiring

Aug 11 - engine test run, realized no power to oxy relay at startup

Aug 12 - rewire oxy sensor relay so it has power at startup

Aug 17 - received new cowl flap actuator

Aug 19 - troubleshooting LVAABMM

Aug 30 - arrange getting replacement LVAABMM

Sep 1 - wiring panel DB-37 to Sandia encoder

Sep 1 - test cowl flap linear actuator

Sep 6 - installed new LVAABMM

Sep 7 - rewire fuse blocks

Sep 8 - rewire fuse blocks, wire Sandia encoder

Sep 9 - wiring panel DB-37, Sandia encoder, GTX-330, Dynon

Sep 10 - wiring GTX-330

Sep 15 - swap BMA autopilot breaker & MT prop control breaker, wire accessory outlet, install Perihelion Snapjacks, rewire 1 Power Schottky lead

Sep 16 - reinstall Power Schottky, replace some wiring clamps, wire GNS-530W grounds & spare grounds 

Sep 17 - wire Sandia serial outputs, wire power to GNS-530W and GTX-330

Sep 18 - install Sandia J5, panel DB-37 connector hood

Sep 27 - install panel DB-37 hood, wire Garmin GTX-330 power

Sep 29 - my Eggenfellner Gen 3 PSRU order is confirmed

Oct 10 - "Eggenfellner H6 Orphans" Yahoo Group started

Oct 11 - secure panel DB-37 and wires.  Wire GNS-530 power

Oct 22 - wire GTX-330 to Sandia, PC ports

Oct 24 - received new design supercharger drive sprocket

Oct 26 - Eggenfellner wants payment now for Gen 3 PSRU "by end of year"

Oct 30 - Jim Skala's STi engine did not sell on eBay - he's proceeding with Lycoming anyway

Nov 7 - removing Eggenfellner Gen 2 PSRU to return to factory

Nov 11 - finished removing Gen 2 PSRU

Dec 8 - install new design LVAABMM

Dec 10 - update wiring docs

Dec 11 - looking into doing the Van's SB on the nose gear leg


Jan 4 - ordered die & holder for nose gear leg SB

Jan 11 - building a hoist frame to support the front of the engine for the nose gear leg SB

Jan 13 - mostly done on hoist frame

Jan 15 - ordered new nose gear fork from Van's

Jan 17 - installed Eggenfellner Gen 3 PSRU

Jan 28 - tried to erect the hoist frame - it didn't go as well as I'd envisioned

Feb 4 - install temperature sensor in new PSRU


October, 2008 - my web hits software tells me almost no one ever uses the index, so I've quit bothering to keep it updated, as keeping it up to date pretty much doubles my documentation workload.  Most all my current work is on the engine, so go check out the engine index to see what I'm doing