Brian Meyette


To avoid the despised spammers and their web crawlers, I no longer put my email address up "in the clear" on this web site.

To email me, use the email address in the following image file:

The spammer robots can't pull your email out of a image file, but they can get it from plain text. 


1.  Never put your email address up "in the clear" anywhere on the Internet.  Do it like I did above or, in cases where the requesting site wants to see what looks like an email address, insert some obvious REMOVEME text in the address, like this:



JohnDoe at yourISP dot com

I can't guarantee these are foolproof, though.  The spammers may have software to strip out the more obvious and commonly-used junk text, like nospam or removethis or the "at" and "dot".  Try using your own unique version of junk text. 

2.  Don't use your primary email address for one-time transactions or for web sites that require a functional email address.  Set up a temporary secondary email address, either at your ISP or at one of the free email sites, like Yahoo, msn, hotmail, etc.  Transact your business, then delete the address.

3.  Never reply to a spammer or follow any of their instructions to remove your name from their spam list.  Never click on a link in a spammer email.  All these things do is confirm that your address is a good one and that you read their spam.  Your reward will be even more spam.  You can also get a virus by doing this.

4.  Avoid sending those email greeting cards.  Please do not send any to me.  I can't prove it, but I believe any email addresses you give them (yours and your recipients') all go to spammers.  How do you think they pay for those "free" greeting card sites?

5.  When sending an email to a group of people, unless it's a very small list, where everyone on the list already knows everyone else and their email addresses, please do not send it "in the clear", where every recipient can see the email address of every other recipient.  Instead of addressing your email in those instances using the TO or CC to people, use the BCC (blind copy).  Then everyone gets the email, but no one can see who else it went to.  All my "group of friends" emails go out this way, as protection for you.  Do you want YOUR email address shared with a bunch of strangers?  I know I don't, so please don't send any email with my email address in it to anyone else, and I'll continue to do the same for you.

6.  If you feel you absolutely MUST forward those ubiquitous "forward this alert/info/joke/story/etc to everyone you know" emails (most are hoaxes), please do the courtesy of stripping off the email addresses of who sent it to you and everyone else they copied.   Maybe your friends aren't spammers, but eventually an email thread can get to a friend of a friend of a friend who might disclose it to a spammer list.  And again, do you want YOUR email address shared with a bunch of strangers? 

7.  Never, ever BUY anything from a spammer, even if it's something you want.  Get it somewhere else.  Never encourage the spammers.  The ONLY reason they send out all that crap is because a very tiny percentage of recipients are actually stupid enough to send them money.  Would YOU send your money to someone who disguises their return email address?

8.  Once the spammers get your email address, they sell and resell it to more spammers.  Once they get it, it is essentially impossible to get OFF their lists.  So, the key is prevention.

9.  Support legislation to punish those spamming bastards.  Write your Congressman and Senators.  Frequently.  Capital Punishment is not out of the question for spammers.

Additional SPAM resources, such as how to deal with spammers and their ISPs, can be found at sites such as: .


You can also complain to the FTC about internet spammers and other scammers HERE