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See my SPLICING page for details on how to do wire splices.


INSURANCE - (2004) This has been quite an adventure, finding out about insurance.  I found it really makes a big difference which broker you go with.  The different brokers will give you all sorts of different stories.  Dan Checkoway's site recommended JT Helms at NationAir, and Dan raved about how great it was to do business with them by email.   When I contacted JT by email, I got a reply from someone else.  At the bottom of all their emails, it says "don't contact us by email; you have to call us instead".  Apparently JT has moved up to management, and no longer deals with customers, so he passed me to someone else.  The guy from NationAir that I ended up talking to gave me all sorts of bogus info, like that planes with an Eggenfellner engine couldn't be insured for flight at all unless I had at least 500 hours PIC.  He also claimed I'd get the same info from any other broker, as they all had to go to Global Insurance, because Global is the only one who will do any insurance for a plane with an Eggenfellner engine.  I ended up calling the EAA and talking to Ladd Gardner, who said Global WOULD insure a plane with an Eggenfellner FWF package, with no penalites.  He did say they might someone with more experience to fly the first couple hours.  I've spent numerous hours on this issue, talking with various agents & emailing people on the Eggenfellner list.  2006 update - I still haven't gotten any insurance, because it's such a confusing and conflicting mess.  I talked to the EAA Falcon rep at Sun N Fun, and he seemed pretty straight-forward about it.  He also said he could help me with hangar insurance, renter insurance, builder's insurance, and hull and liability insurance.  That sounds like definitely the way to go.  2009 update:  I got hooked up with the local NH NationAir rep in Nashua, and they took care of everything smoothly.

ORNDORFF VIDEOS - In response to a question on the Matronics RV7 list, I posted the following info about the index to some of the Orndorff videos:

Here's the list for the "Aircraft Systems" tapes:

The number refers to the minute that it starts on
0 = intro
0:5 = engine acc, cowl baffles
0:27 = instrument panel, throttle/prop cables
0:35 = fuel pump & fuel plumbing
        0:38-0:43 = making hoses
0:48 = oil system
0:54 = hot air
1:02 = brake lines
1:06 = instrument panel
1:22 = soundproofing
1:26 = antennas
1:36 = wiring

0 = wiring
0:18 = cabin air & heat
0:21 = more wiring
0:23 = pre-oiling
0:26 = flight instruments
0:31 = showing us his house
0:35 = starting engine
0:37 = painting
0:44 = pre-flight prep & first flight
0:52 = trim & correcting heavy wing

Here's the list for the "Finishing Kit" tapes:

0 = tipup
0:15 = slider
1:13 = engine mount
1:19 = nose gear mount
1:24 = wheels & tires
1:31 = main gear
1:40 = slider canopy, front fiberglass trim

0 = finish slider fiberglass
0:17 = brakes
0:27 = back to slider windshield fiberglass
0:28 = mount H-stab
0:35 = V-stab
0:42 = stabilizer tips fiberglass
0:43 = mount engine
1:00 = spinner & prop
1:16 = top cowl
1:29 = bottom cowl
1:40 = air scoop
1:46 = air box

0 = finish air box
0:4 = fiberglass scoop to cowl
0:10 = lower cowl hinges
0:15 = blend scoop to lower cowl
0:18 = nose wheel fairing
0:24 = nose gear fairing
0:30 = U620/621 cowl brackets
0:32 = fiberglass gear fairings
0:42 = fiberglass bottom cowl/air scoop
0:47 = main wheel pants
0:56 = main gear ALUMINUM fairings
1:06 = spinner
1:13 = tail fairing
I have the Quick Build tapes, too, but they are so out of date there's little point in viewing them.

Dec 2, 2004 - got a POH (I believe it was from from Roberta Hegy), and worked on putting together my own POH.  Ted Chang also has a POH here, and the Van's Air Force site has them, too.

Nov 13, 2006 - I finally finished the kitplane directory I've been assembling.  I am constantly updating this and correcting errors.  Please let me know of any incorrect data, and I will update it for everyone's benefit.  I know it still has plenty of errors & incorrect data, but I just wanted to get it out so people can use it, rather than perfecting it forever.  It's in a spreadsheet format, so you can do all sorts of neat stuff with it; sort it every which way, pull out subqueries, export to a database, etc.  Click HERE to download it to your PC.  Feel free to copy this link to it around to various experimental builders' lists.

Feb 15, 2007 - I'm also putting together info needed for the DAR visit.  Here is a checklist I got from Sam Buchanan's site.  Also, the Van's Air Force site has a DAR list.  The DAR for New England is Joe Gauthier.  He's highly respected, and I've attended a couple of his seminars.

April 4, 2007 - HERE is a link to Mike Stewart's download page, with all sorts of other good info to download; just about ALL Garmin manuals, POH, flight test procedures, IFR tests, inspection checklist, formation flying info, etc

 HERE is a link to a PDF for building your own tiedowns.  I understand these are VERY effective and hold very well.  See this thread on VAF for more info.