It is highly recommended that everyone get transition training before flying your new RV.   This page is a list of all known people offering RV transition training.   Back when I started building, Mike Seager was the only one doing it.   Now, there are quite a few.  If you do RV transition training or know of someone who does and is not listed here, please email me info to be included here.

If you encounter any stale links or any trainer who no longer trains, please email me so I can update this list.

Opinions expressed are those of the author listed for that opinion.



Alex Dedominici (Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas)     4/30/2017 UPDATE = NO LONGER PROVIDING RV TRANSITION TRAINING

Brian Moentenich (Gresham, Oregon)  503-666-7518  Cell: 503-784-5754    n38155@comcast.net

Mike Seager (Vernonia, Oregon)     503-429-5103    rv6cfi@hotmail.com

Chris Droege (Boise, Idaho)  http://www.letsflyrvtraining.com         Cell: 208-867-8468         e-mail: jcdroege@aol.com

Tom Berge ( Plymouth, Minnesota )     http://www.rvtransition.com      phone: 612-418-9500   e-mail: tom@rvtransition.com



1.   My name is Jan Bussell, I am a retired college professor/Dean, CFII since 1978 and have built my RV-6A and my RV-6 which I use to provide transition training.  My total instruction time in my two planes and owner provided RV's is around 1,800 hrs.  I am currently the only person holding a letter of deviation to provide a tailwheel endorsement in an experimental airplane, if the student has "initiated" tailwheel training prior to training with me.  We never did define "initiated" with the local FSDO.  I have provided training to hundreds of individuals. I believe I am the only person, besides Mike Seager, who provides both tailwheel and tricycle transition training in the two place planes.  My location in Florida is Okeechobee.  This is located 100 miles south of Orlando at the top of the "big lake" Okeechobee.   My web site is http://www.rv6flyjan.com/   Email:  janjoyce@stratomail.net

I heartily recommend Jan Bussell for transition training.  He is located near the Okeechobee, Florida airport (OBE).  I took my transition training in February 2005 in his RV-6A.  He also has an RV-6.  After that several hours with Jan, my first flight in my own RV-6A was almost a non event.  Everything was familiar with no surprises.  I had not flown during my 5 years of building except to get a couple of biennial flight reviews in Cessna 152 and 172s.  He is an excellent instructor.    Regards,  Richard Dudley  RV-6A flying.   

I can second Jan Bussell as an excellent RV transition instructor.  He knows his aircraft inside and out, and is a calm and thorough instructor.  I did nose wheel training with him last year and it helped with my insurance for first flight coverage.  Larry Simpson

I took my transition training with Jan Bussell in October, 2010.  With a lifetime of teaching and flying behind him, Jan provides training that is silky-smooth.  He's very relaxed and personable, and he makes it all flow easily.  He has a very organized syllabus, and his teaching manner couldn't be better.  He provides clear and gentle guidance, and he was a true pleasure to fly with.  I'd very highly recommend him to anyone seeking RV transition training.    Brian Meyette N16RK



2.   Please add me to your list of RV Transition Trainers.  I do a lot of check outs for the MN Wing.  Have flown for over 48 years, 38 as an instructor. 23,000 hrs, 6,000 taildragger time.  2,300 in RVs, and I have built my own 8, with 1,200 hrs on it.  Have flown the 4,6,6A,7,7A,8,8A,9A, and the good old 10.  Enjoy the RVers the most.  Located in Western Wisconsin, drop me a note at bearintheair01@gmail.com  or call 715 247-5106.  Tom Irlbeck



3.   I do first flights and transition training (in your RV - I do not have an RV for transition training), as well as delivery flights.  I can fly to you for free thanks to airline benefits.  17 years of RV instructing.  Steve Flattum in northern Illinois. 815-519-3087



4.   I am a full-time flight instructor in Ankeny, Iowa (KIKV).  I have about 500 hours of RV time, most of that in RV-4 and some in RV-6, 6A, 7A, 9A.  I have a total of about 4000 hours, 2500 dual given (most of that is primary and in the typical stuff, C-150, C-172, PA28).  I am a current/active CFII with a multi engine rating and tailwheel endorsement.  I started flying with my dad back in the 70's and finally got my private back in 94.  I have been instructing for about 5 years.  I would be willing to travel throughout the midwest to fly with builders that are nearly ready for their first flight, and would also consider performing the initial test flights of new RV's.  I will be using my new RV-6 for taildragger transition training and have access to a 6A and a 7A also.  Thanks, Jim Delveau CFII jdelveau at gmail dot com



According to Van's web site, the following CFIs' services would be acceptable for Nationair insurance purposes.  However, it seems I can no longer find that page on Van's web site in 2009.  However, the information is retained here, for now.
Country State Name/E-mail Location Phone
USA Florida

Jan Bussell 




Okeechobee 863-467-9354

Cell: 561-628-2105

USA Texas Dave Austin  flybaby60@aol.com Denton 214-236-7973
USA Georgia Pierre Smith 

MAY 27, 2010 UPDATE - a reader tells me Pierre Smith has sold his RV and is no longer providing RV transition training.



Dan Anderson is in Payson, AZ (NE of Phoenix).  He can be reached at dsa762mm@gmail.com or 928-472-2502. He is not currently providing transition training in his own airplane, but is doing training in the student's aircraft. He is also providing RV specific aerobatic training and has two parachutes.



Van's keeps changing the URL for their training page - here's the latest version = http://www.vansaircraft.com/public/training.htm

Reuven Silberman  pilots2@yahoo.com is in San Diego with an RV-7A

Fred Stucklen   Connecticut     RV-7A N924RV, 225 Hrs.    Over 3100 Hrs Total RV Time!     860-490-3933    * not a CFI

Van's Air Force web site has another list of people who do transition training


last update April 30, 2017