Here is my collection of links to other RV builders' sites.  As I am building a 7A Quick Build, most of these are also 7As and 7s.  Be sure to also check my Builder Support page for more builder resources.   See also the Resources page at Van's for lots of builder's sites and other good links.  Also, check out the Web Ring links at the bottom of my RV home page.

If you're looking for EGGENFELLNER info or Eggenfellner problems, see the engine page  


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If you know of any good builder sites not listed here, particularly those with especially interesting/useful/helpful  info, please email me about it, for inclusion here.

These links go stale all the time.   Please email me with any bad links you hit, and I will update or remove the link.

*** means the site is more than just a builder's log - contains lots of good additional info


*** Walter (Mike) Casey - another RV-7A Eggenfellner Subaru engine customer, like me.  He's flying now.  Also, like me, he chose to design his own electrical system, rather than use the standard Eggenfellner EXPBUS-based system.  I used his electrical drawings as a basis for my own electrical design.   He's also using the Grand Rapids Horizon EFIS, and he has extensively rewritten the manual for that.  He doesn't have an online builder's log, but his electrical drawings and the GRT Horizon EFIS Users Guide and EFIS Technician's Guide are on his web page.  He also has a nice document on his web site, regarding tools and techniques for wiring.  He also has pages of very useful info on Subaru Engine Cooling and Induction Air.   2008 update - he's selling his supercharged single-cam Eggenfellner engine because the plane's top speed with that engine is only 155 knots.

*** Walter Tondu's RV-7A - QB wings, SB fuse - great details - one of my top reference sites 9/05 update - Walter's flying now.   Oct, 2006 - Walter is definitely a serious "repeat offender".  He has now started building a Team Rocket F1 Evo!

Rick & Lori Threet's RV-7A - #1000 RV-7 (I am #1008), SB fuse, QB wings - serious workers, moving very quickly - excellent detail.  7/04 update - wow - they got theirs done already & been flying it since May, 2004.

Bob Collins' RV-7A - Bob's building a 7A near St. Paul, MN.  He also has an excellent information source on his RV Hotline site.  Bob is also the leading force behind the annual RV Builders BBQ at AirVenture.  See all of his RV Builders Hotline articles HERE.

Tom Wruble's RV-7A - SB wings done, working on SB fuse - good pics & info.  No activity since 5/05

Jeff Bordelon's RV-7A - QB wings, QB fuse - started 11/03 - moving right along, lots of detailed pics    DEC '06 update  - Jeff is selling very cool looking LED nav lights. 

Bobby & Marsha Hester's RV-7A - SB wings, QB fuse - not a lot of detail.  I got the design idea for my web page's look from this site and from Robert Paisley's

Bruce Smith's RV-7A - SB wings & fuse

Tom Moore's RV-7A - with details of Eggenfellner H6 engine

Jim Smith's RV-7A - just started on tail - SB wings & fuse

Brown Family RV-7A - QB wings & fuse, slider, BMA EFIS, Garmin stack - making quick progress, lots of good pics, modified QB tanks for flop tube

Kevin's RV-7A - Quick Build trigear with slider - cranking right along, with updates almost daily

Kent's RV-7A - slow build - tail done, working on wings

Garrett Smith's RV-7A - Quick Build tipup.  Making consistent progress.  He also started the Yahoo RV Quick Build group

John Burns' RV-7A - QB wings & fuse, good "learn from my mistakes" page, little since 2002, some 2004 updates, good "how to make your own access panel" page

Bryan Fillman's RV-7A - SB wings & fuse, moving along very fast, also has the Xtreme Products site, where he sells a very nice looking center console, which I will be using.  Sold his plane after building it.

Doug & Linda Jones' RV-7A - SB wings & fuse

Phil & Cathy Cobbin - building a slow-build tipup in Enfield, NH.  Making his own home-brew EFIS, no updates since Nov '05.  Airframe looks mostly complete and he moved to Scottsdale, AZ in early 2008.

Bill King's RV-7A - working on tail

Kathleen Evans' RV-7A - 60 year old lady on her first building project in the Redding, CA area - GO Kathleen! - QB wings & fuse (I think) - started building the tail 2004.  2008 =  She's making a lot of good progress.  She also participated in the building of her Eagle engine.  For more info on building an Eagle/Superior engine, see her engine page and my "Building the Superior Engine" page.  Kathleen is also an artist.

Bob Trumpfheller's RV7A - in AZ, flying now.  See HERE how he put larger tires on his RV.

Dwight Frye's RV-7A - SB wings, QB fuse in Cary, NC since 2001.  Built his own Superior engine in 2006, as I'd planned to do before the big "Eggenfellner Mistake".  Like me, he's been building quite a while and has bought himself another plane to fly while he completes his RV and moved into a hangar in 2008.

Rick Crosby's N825RS RV-7A - working on tail since 07/02 - no updates since 02/03

Tom & Barb Turnbull's RV-7A - SB wings, QB fuse - not updated much, not much info

Scott Will's RV-7A - quick build, flying now

Jamie Painter's RV-7A - slow build since 1/04 in Atlanta

Dave Parsons' RV-7A - building near Seattle since August 2003 - nearly done

Daryl Tolliver's RV-7A - slow build since 5/04 in Texas

Scott Shook's RV-7A - SB wings, QB fuse, Eggenfellner E6 engine.  He's also into birds.

Tracy Hallock                                   www.trv7.com

Scott Haskins                                   www.scottsrv7a.com  has builder mods page with custom baggage compartment

Mike Shields                                    www.c-goju.com

Fred Oldenberg                                www.rv.oldsack.com

James Jula                                       http://jmjula.home.comcast.net/

Keane Shockley                                http://home.fuse.net/shockleys/



Dan Checkoway's RV-7 Project - SB wings & fuse - lots of excellent details - this is definitely the BEST RV reference site.  7/04 update - another plane DONE & flying.  8/04 update - Dan now sells a CD of his web site.  2006 update - Dan is now also the author of several series of articles for Kitplanes magazine.   05/09 update - Dan has taken down rvproject.com & says he won't be bringing it back & won't be selling the CD any more, either.  Don't know why.   See HERE for Dan's Weathermeister site - excellent source of flight planning weather overview

Robert Paisley's RV-7 Turbo - QB wings & fuse, Eggenfellner engine - not a lot of detail - The "look" of my web site came from Robert's design.  I first heard of the Eggenfellner Subaru engines from Robert's site.  DONE - I met him & saw his plane at OSH 2003.  8/04 update - saw him again at OSH '04 - he removed his original Eggenfellner engine and now has the first of the new supercharged Eggenfellner 2.5 STi engines.  11/04 update - Robert is doing extensive testing of the new supercharged 2.5 STi engine.   We will all benefit greatly from Robert's work and research.  2006 update - Robert has removed his STi engine and installed one of Eggenfellner's new H6 engines, so that leaves us STi owners kinda in the lurch with no guidance.

Phil Birkelbach's RV-7 - has his site catalogued several ways

David Richardson's RV-7 - SB wings & fuse in SoCal, started Aug, 2003, completed & flying December, 2008

Don Van Santen's RV7 Project - SB wings, SB fuse

Bill & Scott's RV-7 Adventure - SB wings & fuse - working sporadically on wings now

Dana Overall's RV-7 - SB wings & fuse - working on wings - not much info; no text, just pics - not updated much

Mike Howe's RV-7 - sold his kit and is starting an RV-10

Rob Prior's RV-7 - appears to be working on tail since 2001

Steve's RV-7- slowly building a SB - tail complete - got wings kit mid-2002

Kevin Holley's RV-7 - recently started tail - started new RV7or7A group

Mark and Dave's RV-7 - started Feb, 2002, QB fuse & wings, steady progress, using BMA EFIS/One

Ross Schlotthauer's RV-7 - not a detailed builder's log, but has excellent TIPS on custom things he did.  He also has the Experimental Air site, where he has a few homebuilder products he makes.  Sold his plane after building it.

Brad Oliver's RV-7 - started on tail May, '05 - moving right along

Joe Graham's RV-7 - started building in '06

Matt Burch - QB in KS

Chad Jensen's RV-7 - in central IL, building since June '05 - regular progress, wings & tail done

Chris Lund - started a QB RV-7 in Portsmouth, NH.  Tail is finished by end of 2007


Todd Moeller                                      www.homepage.mac.com/tamoell/airplane/rv_home.htm

Bill Barnhorst & Scott Solberg            www.rv-7adventure.net

Ethan Furrie  RV -7                             www.geocities.com/efurrie

Doug Jones  RV - 7                             www.oncloud7.com/rv7.htm

Paul Kendrick  RV -7                           http://webpages.charter.net/rv-7

Jim & Carolina Piavis  RV - 7               www.adap.com/rv7

Stephen Rush  RV - 7                          www.stevesrv7.com

Mike & Tammi Saffold  RV - 7             http://members.cox.net/msaffold



John Singer's RV-6A Quick Build

Paul Besing's RV-6A - good details

Chris Krieg's RV-6A - Eggenfellner Subaru H6 firewall pass-thru details, H6 fuel pump mounting details

Stewart Laing's RV-6A - has list of RV links

Ross Farnham's RV-6A - Quick Build - twin turbo powered.  He's heavily into alternative engines, especially Subaru.  He's also building a twin turbo RV-10.  He also makes the SDS EM-4 electronic engine management system.  Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

*** Mark Phillips' RV-6A - I saw this plane at OSH04 & spent a lot of time photographing all his very unique custom mods.  Mark now has a web site HERE.

*** Mike Stewart's RV-6A - be sure to check out his downloads page, where he has a LOT of great info, including just about ALL Garmin manuals, POH, flight test procedures, IFR tests, inspection checklist, formation flying info, etc



Doug Reeves' RV-6 - Doug runs the Van's Air Force World Wide Wing - also runs the RV7and7A group

Sam Buchanan's RV-6 Journal - has good tools tips



Matthew & Sandi Brandes' R-9A Project - slow build wings & fuse - regular progress.  Matt's been VERY helpful to me in following my website and pointing out things that might trip me up.   FLYING SINCE FEB '06 - GO MATT!

*** Kevin Horton's RV-8 - great site - building in Canada - lots of excellent info and tips, with links to even more info

Bill VonDane's RV-8A - he is also the maker of the MR75 landing lights, wigwag flashers and numerous other CreativeAir products, as well as being the author/host of the great ePanelBuilder site.

Mickey Coggins' RV-8 - building in Switzerland, with Eggenfellner STi Subaru engine and Blue Mountain Avionics EFIS/One.  2008 update - Mickey is another who's written off the cost of his Eggenfellner engine, removed it, and is installing a Lycoming.

*** Ted Chang's RV-9A - completed and flying.  Ted has lots of good wiring diagrams, POH, panel lables, takeoff & landing procedures, engine info, engine performance charts, GRT wiring, etc on his Technical Information page.  See also his customization page.

Warren Hurd's RV-9A - another NH builder - QB fuse, SB wings  2008 = SOLD

Bobby Hargrave's RV-8 - completed - DigiTrak, AlTrak, LSE, Becki Ordorff's interior kit

Randy Lervold's RV-8 - good info on Sam James' cowling

Al Karpinski's RV-8 - featuring Eggenfellner Subaru engine (the first XT 2.5)

Clay's RV-9A - featuring Blue Mountain Avionics EFIS/One with a tipup canopy

Don (Prop Jock)'s R-9A - slow build wings & fuse - completed tail, working on wings, sporadic work/updating

Tim Coldenhoff's R-9A - with Eggenfellner engine.  Flying since March, 2005

*** Smitty's RV-9A - slow build started 8/05, making regular progress - also has a good page of resources.

John (Spike) and Patti's RV-9A - building since 2005 - they are also the founders of the rivetbangers site

John Ragozzino's RV-9 - I believe he was considering an Eggenfellner engine, but decided against it (I'm not real sure - very limited info on web site)

Scott & Tanya Card's RV-9A - yet another very unhappy Eggenfellner Aircraft customer.



Eric Classen's RV-4 - another NH builder - incredible paint job on Ken Balch's RV, like what I have in mind for mine.




DJ'S SPORTSMAN - not an RV, but a friend building a Glastar Sportsman with Eggenfellner E6 engine

Andy Plunkett's Glasair - he did his own Subaru engine installation

PILOTFRIEND - this is a site I found.  It isn't a builder's site, but it is a resource of all sorts of good info, links, data for builders and pilots.

HERE is a link to a site that has compiled a lot of Subaru engine info


updated April 1, 2009